History of Electrotechnology Conference 2017

Call for Papers

Aug 7—8, 2017, Kobe, Japan

The 5 th IEEE HISTELCON 2017 will be held on August 7 and 8 in 2017 at Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo, Kobe, Japan. Although this HISTELCON is a flagship biennial-conference of the IEEE Region 8, this time the IEEE Japan Council History Committee will host it, cosponsored by all of nine IEEE Sections in Japan as well as technically cosponsored by the IEEE Region 8.

The campus of Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo, and the surrounding Kobe Port-Island Area, with their intensive high-tech activities including the RIKEN’s K computer, one of the highest caliber of supercomputers in the world, will offer an excellent venue for this meeting.

It should be added that as most people may know, on January 17 in 1995 the Great Hanshin Earthquake of M 7.3 struck Kobe city and the surrounding areas, causing the catastrophic damage of more than 6,000 deaths, more than 150,000 collapsed homes, and over 300,000 people evacuated to more than 1,000 shelters. Therefore, we hope that HISTELCON 2017 will bring significant benefits to the attendees in terms of not only acquiring technical expertise but also observing miraculous post-quake recovery of Kobe.

Conference theme

History and milestones in electro-technology innovation

The main objective of this HISTELCON is to increase the understanding of the origins as well as the early developments in the field of electrical engineering and computing. As always, HISTELCON 2017 welcomes all papers on the history of high-tech within IEEE’s areas of interest, featuring the historic expertise of any scientific and technological achievement, which has already been approved as an IEEE Milestone or may be a possible candidate for the IEEE Milestone. The conference program will also feature high-profile keynote presentations, oral sessions, and exhibitions of IEEE Milestones attained by Japanese companies.

The conference theme is including, but not limited to;

  • Origins and early developments of high-tech in electrical engineering and computing.
  • The cultural/social/economical drivers for the development of high-tech within IEEE’s areas of interest.
  • The impact of electro-technologies on culture/society/economics.
  • Governmental policies to foster high-tech of IEEE’s areas in different cultures/ societies.

Abstract submission

Interested participants are invited to submit their abstracts for oral presentations to the conference committee by EDAS, https://edas.info/N23135, sending a 500-word abstract, written in English, with the title, name(s) and affiliation(s) of author(s) within 2-page in MS Word or Adobe PDF format. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee. Authors of the accepted abstracts are expected to submit full-length 6-page papers that will appear in the Conference proceedings within the dedicated USB and also in IEEE Xplore. It should be noticed that for each presented paper, one presenter will have to register for the Conference.

Remarks for the submission: The Program Committee expects you to utilize your own EDAS account for the conference submission. EDAS is a conference managing service offered by EDAS Conference Service. Please check the way of getting EDAS account at the URL: https://edas.info/

More details including paper submission instruction will be announced at a later time on the conference web page: http://www.ieee-jp.org/section/kansai/histelcon2017/

Important dates

500-word abstract

  • Submission opens: Dec 1, 2016.
  • Submission deadline: Jan 31, 2017.
  • Acceptance notification: Feb 10, 2017.

Full-paper of 6-pages.

  • Submission opens: Feb 10, 2017.
  • Submission deadline: Mar 24, 2017.

Register to Participate

  • Registration opens: May 7, 2017.
  • Authors’ deadline: Jun 15, 2017


Event Secretariat: The Conference Secretariat, histelcon2017@ieee-jp.org.


  • General chair: Prof. Isao Shirakawa.
  • TPC co-chair: Prof. Kazunori Shimamura and Prof. Hironori Yamauchi.
  • Local committee chair: Prof. Miki Yamamoto.

MD Workshop in Tunis

MD Workshop in Tunis

In order to facilitate collaboration & encourage exchange of MD related training & techniques, the Region 8 MD Committee recently organized a region-wide Membership Development Workshop in Tunis, Tunisia.

Electronic Membership Options Offer Reduced Dues

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IEEE TISP Week 2016

IEEE Region 8 Education Activities Committee is organizing the  ‘IEEE Region 8 Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) Week’ from 8-16 October, 2016. The event will have multiple IEEE Sections organizing TISP teacher training workshops in their Sections. TISP workshops have IEEE-trained volunteers providing inquiry based science education training to school teachers based on the lesson plans provided on tryengineering.org and trycomputing.org. They’ll follow up the workshops with regular contact with the school teachers to evaluate impact.

The aim of the event is to

  1. train school teachers to conduct inquiry based science education (IBSE) hands-on activities in the classroom;
  2. train teachers on how to motivate students in the classroom toward a better understanding of engineering;
  3. highlight the excellent work being done by our Sections to promote TISP in their localities;
  4. re-energize the inactive TISP volunteers into organizing a TISP teacher training workshops in the Section;
  5. gather data from school teachers about the impact of the TISP program in their classroom.

The following Sections are organizing a workshop as part of TISP Week with about 600 teachers being planned to be trained – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malta, Palestine (sub-Section), Spain, Tunisia, UAE and Uganda.

For more information, please visit http://tisp.ieeer8.org


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STARTUP OLÉ 2016 is a two-days event created to boost European startup ecosystem and engage some of the most relevant startups, accelerators, incubators, investors, business angels, unicorns, media/bloggers, institutions and corporates from all over Europe.

STARTUP OLÉ 2016 is an event created for tech startups, which aims to bring together the right mix of entrepreneurs and facilitators.
The ultimate networking site for startups keen to leverage Salamanca’s globally-renowned talent hub and enterprise culture.


STARTUP OLÉ 2016 connects startups; matches them with funders, serial entrepreneurs and business angels who can act as mentors, investors and business mentors to help them grow.

The stage will feature:

  • Pitches of European startups from different sectors and growth stages and such as pre-launch, seed, mid and scale-up stage.
  • Panel discussions of investors, corporations, accelerators, mentors, crowdfunding platforms, universities…

STARTUP OLÉ 2016 will also offer:

  • Startup fair
  • Matchmaking events with investors and corporates
  • Cocktails and many networking opportunities

STARTUP OLÉ 2016 has the following objectives:

  • To boost European tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture as well as support talent development.
  • To engage and connect some of the most relevant startups, accelerators, investors, media and corporates from all over Europe.
  • To place Salamanca at the top of the European tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Reinforce the role of universities in the tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem.

More info & registration: http://startupole.eu

IEEE – Gasparini International School

IEEE – Gasparini International School
Naples, October 23-30 2016

The “F. Gasparini National PhD School” in Electrical Sciences, in cooperation with the IEEE Italy Section is delighted to organize the 1-st edition of the:

IEEE – Gasparini International School:
Advanced Course in Electrical Engineering

The innovative event is aimed to promote the knowledge and the sharing of experience among students and young professionals from Europe, Africa and Middle East, by means of a full immersion training and scientific experience, involving high level teachers coming from several countries.

The School provides certification for attendance and profit evaluation, valuable to get University credits.

The School is based on eight hours per day of collective work for six days (Monday, 24 October – Saturday, 29 October) based on lectures, scientific meetings, demonstrations, profit assessment tests. Sunday 23 October and Sunday 30 October are an important part of the course, which is devoted to presentations, familiarization and related activities as the consignment of the certificates for the evaluation of the profit.
The school’s website www.ieee-gasparini2016.it collects key information and provides the main services such as registration, program, assistance for both hotel bookings and travel arrangements.

The Gasparini School and the IEEE Italian Section will do their best to welcome students and teachers, which know that the key to success will be the enthusiasm of the participants and the unifying ability of Science over all differences of culture, origin and tradition.

IEEE - Gasparini Gasparini International School 1st Edition -Advanced Course Advanced Course in Electrical Engineering -October 23- October 23-30, 2016 30, 2016 - Naples, Italy- FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT


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