Call for nominations for the 2016 IEEE Region 8 Awards

We would like to remind you that the following IEEE Region 8 awards have a submission deadline on 15 February 2016:

Please give your attention to starting the process to prepare a nomination for outstanding individuals and organisational units. Experience shows that it takes longer than you might think to put a strong nomination together.

The submission portal for these awards will be open until 15 February 2016. Please note that the nominations sent before or after those dates will not be considered.

Additional information on IEEE Region 8 Awards can be found here.


New Nomination Process and Deadline for R8 Young Professionals Awards 2016

In an effort to make the awards nomination process in Region 8 more consistent, this year the Region 8 Young Professionals Awards (Region 8 Outstanding Young Professionals Affinity Group Award and Region 8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award) have been migrated to the online FluidReview platform, which can be reached via the following link:
Additionally, all awards in the Region have the same nomination deadline. Therefor, the nomination process for the R8 Young Professionals Awards this year is between 30 January and 15 February, and all nominations submitted before or after these dates will not be taken into consideration. We very strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the FluidReview platform before the nomination period starts, since you can create an account and access it at any time, so you are ready to fill in the forms and submit the nomination in time. We also advise you to start preparing the required nomination materials as soon as possible, since it usually takes longer than expected. Do not wait until 30 January to start gathering the supporting letters!
There have been some changes in the eligibility criteria as well, namely in order to be considered for the Region 8 Outstanding Young Professionals Award you do not have to submit the annual report to the R8 YP team. Instead vTools activity reports will be required, so make sure all your activities are reported properly to vTools before the nominations deadline. The full eligibility criteria and required documents for the nominations are described below. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO NOMINATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL! All nominations must be submitted through the FluidReview platform.

Region 8 Outstanding Young Professionals Affinity Group Award

(nominations opened on FluidReview between 30 January and 15 February)

  • Description:

To recognize Young Professionals Affinity Groups (YP AG) within Region 8 for their efforts, successes and achievements in carrying out the mission of IEEE YP and the aims of IEEE in Region 8 within their Section during the calendar year of 2015. Recognition will be given to the YP AG that displayed the most successful maintenance of ongoing efforts, as well as the development and implementation of new programs. These activities shall leave an important imprint on the Section and on Region 8. The winning AG will receive a certificate providing the citation for the award and a cash prize of $400 granted by the R8 YP Subcommittee to the corresponding YP AG.

  • Eligibility criteria:
    • The Young Professionals AG must have at least 20 YP members;
    • All activities from 2015 must be submitted correctly to vTools activities reporting before the nomination deadline (15 February);
    • The Young Professionals AG must not have received another IEEE award in the past 12 months;
    • The $400 prize must be used to support local Young Professionals activities;
    • Affinity Groups which have been awarded the Outstanding Young Professionals Affinity Group award in the past 5 years are not eligible to participate (Nigeria, Croatia, Egypt, Tunisia, UAE).
  • Nomination process:

Proposals for nominations of candidate YP AGs for this award will be made by the Section and supported by 1 letter of endorsement by the Section Chair or another member of the Section’s Executive Committee. Alternatively, a YP Chair can also nominate a YP AG, provided that his/her nomination is endorsed by at least 1 other YP member and preferably also by a member of the Executive Committee of the Section. The documents needed to create a nomination are:

  • Nomination letter from Section Chair or another member of the Section’s Executive Committee OR nomination letter from the YP AG chair and another YP AG member and a member of the Section’s Executive Committee; [REQUIRED]
  • Motivation letter from YP AG chair; [REQUIRED]
  • link to YP AG website or Facebook page, or other online platform; [Strongly recommended]
  • Photo report, videos, and other supporting materials to demonstrate the activities and initiatives of the YP AG during 2015 [REQUIRED if no link to website or online platform is provided; it can be submitted as optional extra material even if link to website/online platform is provided]


Region 8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award

(nominations opened on FluidReview between 30 January and 15 February)

  • Description:

To recognize a volunteer within Region 8 for his/her dedication towards the mission of IEEE Young Professionals. The recognition will be given to a devoted Young Professional member that presents the most successful maintenance of ongoing efforts, leadership skills, and remarkable development and implementation of new ideas and programs within the last year. These activities shall have an important impact on the Section and on Region 8 Young Professional community, and other IEEE members. The winner will receive an award and diploma providing the citation for the award granted by the Region 8 Young Professionals Subcommittee.

  • Eligibility criteria:
    • The volunteer must not have received another IEEE award in the past 12 months;
    • The candidate’s Affinity Group must not have been awarded with the Region 8 Outstanding Young Professionals Affinity Group Award in the past 12 months;
    • You can not nominate a volunteer for the Region 8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award if the Affinity Group they belong to is nominated for the Region 8 Outstanding Young Professionals Affinity Group Award in the same year;
    • The volunteer must be a Young Professional member of an active Young Professionals Affinity Group in good standing, which has submitted all activity reports to vTools;
    • Members of Region 8 Young Professionals Subcommittee are not eligible to be nominated;
    • Self nominations are not allowed.
  • Nomination process:
    • endorsement letter from Section Chair or other member of the Section’s Executive Committee or the YP AG chair ;
    • letter containing short summary of the nominee’s efforts and accomplishments, their impact and results in improving the IEEE and YP community in their YP AG and Section.


If you have any questions or need help with the nomination profess or reaching your Section’s chair or Executive Committee members, please contact us at! We are very happy to help in any way we can. We look forward to all your submissions!



Advancements and Futuristic Trends in Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2016 (AFTMME-16) Call for Papers

AFTMME is the flagship conference of India that is being organized every year starting 2012. It has become a regular forum for researchers, students, and engineers to present and exchange ideas in latest technological advancements and innovations.

In previous years, AFTMME was organized at I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University Jalandha. This year, it is a honor to state that Baba Farid College of Engineering and Technology, Bathinda, Punjab, India is going to organize the 4th International Conference AFTMME-16 under the aegis of ‘Society of Materials and Mechanical Engineers’ (SOMME) on 25-27 February, 2016.

Please send your abstract by email to no later than January 1, 2016. More information may be found on 

Join the ChallengeME! Competition and turn your IoT idea into reality

ChallengeME! Is an Internet of Things – IoT competition for the Middle East and North Africa – MENA that is being organized by Intel Corporation for the first time in the region in collaboration with prestigious educational institutions and non-profit entrepreneurship organizations across the Middle East and North Africa. The competition aims to recognize and support talented individuals who are building various elements for the Internet of Things  and will identify pioneering new ideas, innovations and solutions in that area with great business potential.

The challenge is open to all IoT enthusiasts who can provide a prototype about their innovation and have a scalable business model. The competition will shortlist top 15 outstanding projects, thru a jury of experts from Intel and the business community, who will be invited to travel to Beirut in November 2015 and participate in extensive face to face training, and pitching to win over $15,000 in cash prizes and many other awards. And an opportunity to fly two teams to the UK to attend the Intel Innovation Summit.

To know more, visit 

Mind the Gap! – New Contest for R8 Students


What is the generation gap? 


The term “generation gap” describes the sociological and psychological differences between people belonging to different generations: differences in values, lifestyle, attitude, even opportunities. Sociologists differentiate between three generations: Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), Generation X (1965-1984), and Millennials (also known as Generation Y, 1985-2010).

The biggest gap exists between Millennials and their predecessors. Millennials grew up in a time where everything they needed to know or wanted to know was at their fingertips thanks to the advancement of technology. This innovative need to know, want, and do more led Millennials to obtain a skill set that is infinitely scalable compared to previous generations, mostly in terms of the ability to use technology efficiently and absorb information rapidly. However, what they lack most is what their predecessors abundantly have: experience.

What’s Mind the Gap (MtG) Contest? (Click this link for more info)


Mind the gap (MtG) is a new contest presented by IEEE Region8 SAC. The motivation behind this project is the continuous growth of the generational gap, caused by fast technical advancement.

To compete in “Mind the Gap!”, a team of students is expected to come up with a project idea that brings younger and older generations together, using technology to the advantage of humanity.
In MtG phase I, a team of 3 to 5 students (at least one of them being an IEEE student or graduate student member, and at least one of them being a post-graduate student) submits a proposal that describes a project aiming to reduce the generational gap, a project that the team is able to transform into a proof of concept within 6 months, and assuming a funding of up to $10,000. The proposal should include a description of challenges, market study, project milestones, detailed budget, and a Gantt chart.
Three winning projects, presented by three teams, will be selected to be laureates of the first, second, and third prize.
In MtG phase II, each one of the three winning teams will be granted up to $10,000 in order to realize their project within 6 months, and effectively cover the generational gap, benefiting both younger and older generations.
Initial timetable: 
May 15, 2016: idea submission (phase I)
July 31, 2016: idea evaluation results (phase I)
August 15, 2016: winners announcement (end of phase I)
March 15, 2017: project realization deadline (end of phase II).
For any questions about the contest, please refer to the Region8 SAC email:

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