IEEE University of Thessaly (Lamia) Student Branch organized the Press Start-Up Bootcamp, a bootcamp for training in Soft Skills and Start-Ups, on March 10, 12, 14 and 21, 2014.

Press Start-Up Bootcamp [IEEE UTH (Lamia) SB] 1

The four-day Bootcamp was consisted of presentations and lectures on several topics, which were conducted by distinguished trainers and professionals. The covered topics were Job Interview, CV Writing, Preparing a Presentation, Business Plan, Customer Development, Fundraising and Success & Failure Stories.

Press Start-Up Bootcamp [IEEE UTH (Lamia) SB] 2

During the Bootcamp, the participants, who were interested in starting their own Start-Up Business, formed their own teams, started working on their ideas and presented their progress at the last day.

The 2 most creative and useful initiatives were rewarded with an amount, efficient enough to help them make their idea an actual product or business and start their own Start-Up.

Press Start-Up Bootcamp [IEEE UTH (Lamia) SB] 3

Don’t be discouraged. Make yourself stand out among the crowd!

On 23 April 2014, at 1:00 p.m. EST, the IEEE Job Site will host a Webinar – Job Seeker or Opportunity Magnet? - to help you obtain all the necessary tools you’ll need to confidently go out into the job market and land your ideal job.

In this 45 minute presentation you will learn:

  • Why most job seekers waste huge amounts of time and what you can do differently
  • Where top companies hunt for talent and what you can do to help catch their attention
  • Three simple job search strategies that consistently deliver exceptional results
  • One powerful mindset shift that will set you up for lifelong career success
  • What really distinguishes an opportunity magnet from a job seeker – and how you can become one

The presenter – Michael Junge – is a recruiting, staffing and career expert who is an MVP and Top Producer award winner in the staffing organization at Google, a five-time Recruiter of the Year in a national recruiting firm and author of the #1 book in Amazon’s “Job Markets and Advice” category.

More information can be found on this Website –


Date and Time: Wednesday, 23 April 2014 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is soliciting nominations for the following 2015 leadership positions:

- MGA Vice President/Board Chair
- MGA Treasurer
- MGA Vice Chairs

-Geographic Unit Operations
-Information Management
-Member Development
-Strategic Management and Analysis
- Committee Chairs
-Admission and Advancement (IEEE)
-Awards and Recognition
-Center for Leadership Excellence (IEEE) Advisory
-Life Members (IEEE)
-Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory
-Membership Recruitment and Recovery
-Potentials Editorial Board
-Student Activities
-Women in Engineering (IEEE)
-Young Professionals (IEEE), formerly GOLD

The deadline to submit nominations for the above positions is 1 April 2014.

A complete list of available MGA positions, committee descriptions, and information on the MGA Nominations and Appointments process are available.

Nominate yourself or a colleague now

Dear IEEE Region 8 Committee members,

The IEEE Region 8 Nominations & Appointments (N&A) Subcommittee is soliciting nominations for the following Region 8 officers:

  • IEEE Region 8 2015-2016 Secretary (two year commitment)
  • IEEE Region 8 2015-2016 Treasurer (two year commitment)
  • IEEE Region 8 2015 Vice Chair, Member Activities (one year commitment)
  • IEEE Region 8 2015 Vice Chair, Student Activities (one year commitment)
  • IEEE Region 8 2015 Vice Chair, Technical Activities (one year commitment)

For details, please refer to  IEEE-REGION-8_New-Bylaws-A  (3.1.5-7) and  IEEE-REGION-8-OPERATIONS-MANUAL (4.4-6, 5).

— — — —  === — — === — — — —

The IEEE Region 8 N&A Subcommittee is also soliciting nominations for the members of the 2015-2016 IEEE Region 8 Nominations & Appointments Subcommittee. Candidates must fulfil one of the following criteria at the time of their election: (1) be a Section Chair in office, (2) have been a Section Chair within the past 3 years, (3) have been a Section Chair and currently holding an elected or appointed position in the R8 Committee (see IEEE Region 8 Operations Manual, Section

— — — —  === — — === — — — —

Please submit your suggestions/nominations by filling the nomination form (available here) and sending it to Marko Delimar, Chair of the IEEE Region 8 Nominations & Appointments Committee, at by 1 June 2014.

These IEEE Region 8 officers and members of the IEEE Region 8 N&A Subcommittee will be elected during the Region 8 Committee Meeting in Amsterdam, August 2014.

The IEEE Nominations and Appointments committee will inform the Region 8 committee about the recommended slate of candidates for officers 5-6 weeks prior to the meeting. For all details, including petition processes, please refer to the IEEE Region 8 Bylaws and the IEEE Region 8 Operations Manual (available here).

Please distribute this email among IEEE Region 8 volunteers and IEEE Region 8 Organisational Units.

Thank you and best regards,
Marko Delimar
Chair, IEEE Region 8 Nominations & Appointments Subcommittee

Many IEEE sections in our region are geographically large.
Starting 2011, IEEE Region 8 has hosted a number of WebEx events (“Webinars”).
This service is available at no cost for IEEE Section events.

We are sharing some steps for this:

  1.  Setup a regular event using IEEE vTools:
    Enabling the “registration” link assists to keep track of who may be your attendees!
  2. Promote your event!
    Use either your own SAMIEEE mailing lists, or use IEEE e-Notice.
    Social media, such as Facebook Groups, Google Plus, etc can be a great way to promote your event!
  3. At least five (5) working days in advance of your event, request a WebEx event setup:
    - Your request will be processed by the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Information Management team (
    - If you’ve selected the teleconference option, you’ll also get the process to setup your audio. In case you’re in a country which does not have a toll-free, you could consider using Skype or Google Phone to reach the US toll-free number.
    - Remember to send out the WebEx event link, conference code & link for global toll-free numbers to your participants.
    - – This could also serve as a meeting reminder!
  4. During your event, you can record the WebEx session! For more information, see:
  5. Following your event, remember to submit a “L-31” report (using vTools) & also submit a short article to Region 8 news or other media!
    (Steps 1-2 could be skipped if you want to setup a WebEx event for smaller meeting, e.g. Section ExCom meeting).

Best with your Webinars!


Saurabh Sinha,
2011/2 Vice-Chair for Technical Activities

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We publish 30 percent of the world’s literature in electrical engineering, computers and control technology, and hold more than 300 major conferences and 6,000 local meetings annually. Recognized as essential guides for every industry, more than 800 active IEEE standards are in use today with 700 currently in development.
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