Committee and Contacts

The IEEE Region 8 Committee consists of:

  • Section representatives
  • Operating Committee
  • Appointed Members

Section Representatives

In the IEEE Region 8 Committee, Sections are represented by their Chairs. Section Chairs may appoint an alternate representative to the Region 8 Committee. The most recent list of Region 8 Sections and their representatives to the Region 8 Committee may be found here.

Operating Committee (OpCom)

Appointed members

Ad-hoc members

Sub Committees

Action for Industry Team

Awards & Recognition Subcommittee

Chapter Coordination Subcommittee

  • Amara Amara (France) – Chair
  • Lebogang Madise (South Africa) – Student Branch Chapters
  • Uğurcan Şengit (Turkey) – Corresponding Member
  • Maria Trocan (France) – Corresponding Member
  • Members appointed by Societies/Councils

Conference Coordination Subcommittee

  • Péter Nagy (Hungary) – Chair
  • Adel Alimi (Tunisia)
  • Shaun Kaplan (South Africa)
  • Tomislav Capuder (Croatia)

Educational Activities Subcommittee

  • Sohaib Qamar Sheikh (UK&Ireland)
  • Stamatis Dragomanous (Greece)- Pre-University Education
  • Ana Madureira (Portugal) University Education/Industry
  • Endika Begoetxea (Spain)-Corresponding member Continuing Education
  • Alexander Astaras (Greece)-Corresponding member University Education
  • Riadh Besbes (Tunisia)-Corresponding member

Humanitarian Activities Subcommittee

  • Alexandros Osana (Greece) – Chair
  • Dinko Jakovljević (Croatia)
  • John Funso-Abeday (Nigeria)
  • Lebogang Madise (South Africa)
  • Javier Sanchez Medina (Spain) – Corresponding Member
  • Amith Khandakar (Oman) – Corresponding Member
  • Sana Khalfa (Tunisia) – Corresponding Member
  • Mona Ghassemian (UK&Ireland) – Corresponding Member

Membership Development Subcommittee

Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee

Professional Activities Subcommittee

  • Jan Haase (Austria) – Chair
  • TBD
  • Ana Katalinić Mucalo (Croatia) – Past Chair – Corresponding Member
  • Urmet Jänes (Estonia) – Past Chair – Corresponding Member
  • Matej Zajc (Slovenia) – Corresponding Member
  • Francisco Escribano (Spain) – Corresponding Member
  • Feras Diab (Jordan)

Strategic Planning Subcommittee

Student Activities Subcommittee

  • Efthymia Arvaniti (Austria) -Chair
  • Yara Melki (Lebanon) – Awards & Contests Coordinator
  • Jose Miguel A. Sepulcre (Spain) – Electronic Communications
  • Sarra Ben Rabii (Tunisia) – Student Branch Coordinator
  • Ines Inacio (Benelux) – Region Student Representative
  • Paul Micallef (Malta) – Student Paper Contest Coordinator
  • George Papadimitriou (Greece)- Projects
  • Mona Ghassemian (UK and Ireland) – Past Chair

Women in Engineering Coordinator

Young Professionals Subcommittee