Professional Activities

Professional Activities Speaker Program

Many Professional Activities topics (i.e. everything nontechnical contributing to members’ careers) can be covered best by local speakers familiar with the culture, background and experience level of participants. However, for international perspective and to create better links within IEEE, the PA committee is also maintaining a speaker program.

The speakers are all experienced lecturers giving multi-hour workshops. Some workshops even run over several days, according to speaker requirements.

The Speaker Program functions in a similar manner to Distinguished Lecturer programs run by many technical societies at IEEE. A local IEEE group (e.g Section, Student Branch, Young Professionals affinity group etc) may contact the speaker directly to find a suitable time. Local funding (by the IEEE section or sponsors) is necessary, but there is also funding available to cover travel expenses to/from the location.

We are also seeking additional speakers to cover a wider range of topics. See below for the criteria.


Speaker Profile: Charles W Turner

CharlesAfter gaining his doctorate at Stanford University in 1961, Charles Turner worked in the UK electronics industry, and subsequently moved into academic employment, first at Brunel University (UK), then at the University of California, Berkeley, and finally at King’s College London, where he held the Siemens Chair in Electrical Engineering for nearly 30 years, before he retired in 2000. He is a Life Fellow IEEE. He is also a Fellow of the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the IEE (now IET). He was very active in accreditation activities in the UK, and chaired the IEE Accreditation Committee.

UKRI Section

He has been a volunteer for the UKRI Section since 1974, as Student Counsellor, Secretary, and Section Chair. More recently he has served as the Section Awards and Recognition Officer, mostly dealing as an advisor for Fellow applications. He is Chair of the Education Society Chapter, and Editor of the UKRI Section monthly e-letter. He is a member of the Life Members Committee and has been active in preparing Milestones proposals (Bletchley Park, GCHQ, and Gabor), and conducting oral interviews of retired distinguished engineers.

Region 8

He has held several committee positions in Region 8, and was the Region 8 Director from 1993/4, and Secretary from 1999. He has chaired the Education Committee, the Professional Activities Committee, and is currently the Chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee. He was Editor for the booklet celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the foundation of Region 8.


He was a member of the Board of Directors, first as Region 8 Director (1993-4), and then as IEEE Secretary in 1995. Among many other volunteer positions in IEEE he also served as Chair of the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee from 2000-2002. In 2003 he received the IEEE Haraden Pratt Award. He also chaired the Audit Committee, and the RAB/TAB Transnational Committee. Most recently, he served as Vice Chair of the IEEE Medals Council.



  • Intellectual Property Rights for Young Engineers
  • Leadership Skills
  • How to manage your career

Speaker Profile: Hafidh AlSamarrai

Spent two years in industry, five years in the Academia, fifteen years in the private sector and fifteen years in an international development finance institution. The President and CEO of the Canadian Based Company Global Business Development and Growth Inc., which specializes in training, capacity building, research and consultancy and offering its services mainly in the Middle East. Started conducting training courses since 1978 while studying for Ph.D. and continued to conduct training while working in the Academia, private sector, in the international financial institution (IDB) and have since started managing GBDGI.

For more than ten years held several senior positions including a Vice president of Saudi Amoudi Group/ SKAB, CEO and president of Sadaca Environmental Group and Executive Director of Amoudi Electronic Systems.

As part of his duties at Islamic Development Bank he was selected to Chair the Restructuring & Strategic Planning Study Team for the restructuring of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC). His report was the base which was used to restructure OIC by the Islamic Summit in Mekkah.

Published tens of scientific papers and articles in worlds’ leading Journals, magazines, newspapers and conferences and published four books. His name was published in the world’s most comprehensive biography Marquis Who’s Who  for many consecutive years and several other bibliographies.  He is Chartered Engineer, C.Eng., Certified Management Consultant, CMC, and Certified Lead Quality Auditor.



  • Strategic Planning
  • Creativity at work
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Technical Writing  in Arabic language (has written a book on this topic based on the training)
  • Management for Engineers
  • Training of Trainers

Speaker Profile: Nadhem Barda

nadhem-bardaaNadhem BARDA, IEEE Member, graduated from the University of Sfax (Tunisia) in 2000. In 2011, he founded NTraining, a training company involved with engineering management. Nadhem has consulted with corporations as Petrofac, Tunisiana Orascom, OMV, and L’EPI D’OR. Nadhem has worked internationally at JCI since 2004 as a trainer designer and has presented different training as Leadership, team management, and strategic planning in different countries as Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Senegal. He published a book on 2010 written in French entitled “Keys of Success, I will be efficient”. Nadhem has served as President of the Union Chamber of Training, Studies and Consulting at the UTICA Sfax and he is the founder of the Professional Community MAWARED RH.

More info available on the Nadhem website:

Vision: Being an exceptional impact maker…
Mission: Support individuals, organizations and businesses to build their success with efficiency and passion
Values: Dare! Learning? Share…

Nadhem is able to offer the following workshops in different languages (Arabic, French, or English):

  • Managing People: Time, Objectives, Communication
  • Leading People: Problem resolution, Decision making, Performance, Motivation
  • Managing Team: Professional Relationship, Delegation
  • Leading Team: Meeting Management, Building and Leading Team
  • Reflecting Leadership: Training of Trainers, Accompaniment
  • Leading Strategy: Change Management, Strategic Planning

Workshops in South Africa

Han van Loon ran two STARS Thought Leadership workshops in South Africa, one at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg and one at the University of Cape Town, in September 2014. IEEE student participants also came from University of Pretoria and Stellenbosch University student branches, respectively. There were also participants from IEEE South Africa young professionals. The workshops were highly successful according to participants, who appreciated the chance to practice the leadership and management principles in the workshop through a series of practical and fun exercises.


The local student branch organizers in Cape Town and Stellenbosch plan to rerun parts of the workshop within their student branch meetings so that people who could not attend will still get a benefit from the workshops. In order to help, Han provided extra copies of the STARS booklet that they can hand out at their presentations.

Special thanks go to the South African organizers: Valerie Chiriseri for organizing the entire event, and local organizers David Oyedokun in Cape Town and Vinu Nair in Johannesburg.

More info and photos on Han’s website.

Webinar on organising activities

The Professional Activities Subcommittee organised a webinar on October 1st 2014 about organising local events and activities. Using the IEEE Google Hangouts system, all participants were able to see and be seen and heard.

Habib Kammon presented a number of helpful tips and gave examples of recent activities in Tunisia. The subsequent discussion was on attracting speakers and experience on student presentations.

Please find the presentations below.

Introduction to Professional Activities by Urmet Jänes
Tips and Tricks for PA Activities by Habib Kammoun

Speaker profile: Kurt Richter

KurtKurt R. Richter, IEEE Life Fellow, graduated in Communication Engineering in 1958 and received his PhD 1961 from the Technical University Vienna (TUW), Austria. He was Professor at TUW before he became Full Professor for Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University Graz (TUG), Austria, in 1975. From 1984-1993 he was Dean of the Dep. of the Electrical Engineering Department. Since 2000 he is Professor Emeritus at TUG. From 1971 to 1973 he spent 2 years at NASA in USA. He was founding chairman of the IEEE Austria Section from 1979 – 1983 and 1991/1992 IEEE Director Region 8. Since 2000 is trainer with IEEE Region 8 Professional Activities. Kurt Richter is a Corresponding Member or the Austria Academy of Sciences and Honorary Member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ) 1971 he received the Kardinal Innitzer Award. 2008 he received the IEEE EAB Meritorious Award for Continuing Education.


  • Development of Leadership Skills
  • Body Language in Business
  • Introduction to Writing Technical Applications


Speaker profile: Han van Loon

HanHan van Loon is a thought leader, book author, inventor, mountaineer, skier, graphic designer, photographer, international project manager, scrum master coach, quality and knowledge management expert, Swiss representative of several international standards setting bodies, ISO standards author, a conference keynote speaker, ex-Chairman of IEEE Switzerland section, STARS methodology creator, and visiting professor at two universities. And not forgetting … he is also an engineer.


  • STARS Thought Leadership workshop
  • Team leadership
  • Leadership and management workshop
  • Journey to excellence


More info available on the STARS website.


Speaker profile: Margaretha Eriksson

14854_10151352491659672_73666705_nMargaretha Eriksson is IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect 2015-2016 and Director 2017-2018. She  received her M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, in 1988. In 1989 she founded Irbis Konsult AB, a consulting company involved with Engineering Management, Information and Cyber Security. Margaretha has consulted with international corporations as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Ericsson, Saab, ABB, Bombardier, Tetra Pak, and Volvo. She is a PhD student in Information Security since 2006 at Stockholm University/KTH. Since 2010 she is lecturing on Risk analysis and Information Security at Halmstad University. Margaretha has worked internationally at JCI (, a global NGO working with leadership and entrepreneurial development since 1983, as a skilled and inspiring trainer, and international leader. She was awarded “Most outstanding JCI Senator in the World” 2006. She has served on the board of the Association of JCI Senators in Europe 2007-2012 and as the President 2012-2013. She lives by the Baltic Sea close to Stockholm, Sweden.



  • Effective meetings
  • Leadership
  • Innovation Culture
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project management
  • Written Communication
  • Body Language
  • Target Group Profiling