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Region 8 News – August 2016 [Vol 19 No 2]

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Editorial: Volunteers: ask questions and then have your say

AS we go to press, the ‘Amend­ ment to the IEEE Constitution’ is being discussed throughout IEEE and will appear on the 2016 IEEE ballot for your vote. It is being of­ fered to us by the president’s com­ mittee with the declaration that it will improve IEEE governance.

As part of the debate, here is an open letter from your IEEE Re- gion 8 News editors:
We editors have spent a lot of time reading the amendment, ana­ lysing the arguments that are said to establish the need, the bene ts and so on, to try to understand it. We got hold of as many of the source documents as we could. Many were kept secret for a long time by the IEEE president’s com­ mittee. We found a lot of members discussing the statements given in the proposed ballot, and asking se­ rious questions.

At this time, a number of vol­ unteer leaders have spoken out against the amendment, and in some cases they have got their opposition statements to appear on the IEEE ballot.
When you receive the IEEE ballot, please read the proposi­ tion and the opposition. Please assess the arguments by nding the conclusions, the reasons and the assumptions behind them. Ask yourself how far you can believe the truth of the statements and think about your own knowledge. Your analysis might lead to a di er­ ent conclusion.
Please explore the IEEE web­ sites and the statements by your volunteer leaders. Then ask if IEEE needs this amendment or not, and cast your vote. Your vote is very very important.

Zhijia Huang , Roland Saam & Bojan

IEEE Region8 News Editors