[IEEE R8 YP] Webinar: How to access SAMIEEE and navigate through the tool.

Dear IEEE R8 YP,


The webinar outlines the details of how to access SAMIEEE and navigate through the tool. It provides an overview of the various resources and ways that volunteers can use the information to connect with IEEE members.

Webinar training on SAMIEEE is now open for registration! You can register here.

Meeting status:   Registration
  Starting date:   Tuesday, November 5, 2013
  Starting time:   12:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)
  Duration:   1 hour
  Host’s name:   Shareyna Scott 
  Host’s Email:



[IEEE R8 YP] Happy IEEE Day 2013!

Dear IEEE R8 YP Member,

On the behalf of IEEE Region 8 YP (Young Professionals), We would like to wish you happy IEEE Day 2013 🙂

IEEE Day 2013 is the 4th time in history when engineers worldwide is celebrating the anniversary of the first time IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884.

While the world benefits from what’s new, IEEE is focused on what’s next. Thus, this year the theme of IEEE Day is “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow”.

It is your day to spread out your motivation with the rest of the world as an IEEE member! The day of sharing your excitement, visions and joy with all IEEE members worldwide!

IEEE professional members who joined on IEEE Day will receive a US $30 discount off of their 2014 IEEE membership for 2014 by entering promotion code IEEEDAY13. Please visit the IEEE Day website for more information.

If you are running an event, please do not forget to record videos and take picture to upload to YP page and channel.


Region 8 YP


Dear R8 YP Members,

It is your day to spread out your motivation with the rest of the world as an IEEE member!
The day of sharing your excitement, visions and joy with all IEEE members worldwide!

You could organise any event, such as a social event, technical event, or, any activity that you consider appropriate. Please visit the IEEE Day webpage ( for more information and ideas.

If you are interested to participate, please submit your event visiting

In addition professional members who joined on IEEE Day will receive a US $30 discount off of their 2014 IEEE membership for 2014 by entering promotion code IEEEDAY13. Please visit the IEEE Day website for more information.

If you will run an event, please do not forget to record videos and take picture to upload to YP page and channel.




[IEEE R8 YP] YP Participation in the ISBC 2013 – Porto, Portugal

The Iberian Student Branch Congress 2013 (ISBC) took place in Porto, Portugal during 15 – 17 March 2013, with great success! Congratulations to the organizing team!


Elena, member of the R8 YP Committee, had the pleasure of attending the ISBC 2013, enjoyed the event and all the activities. She also gave a lecture about YP in collaboration with the Portuguese YP Affinity Group Chair, Miguel Marques.

This session is framed in a new initiative that the GOLD Committee has started with the aim of promoting the YP community among student members. Each member of the YP Committee will attend one of the regional Student Branch Congresses that are being organized along the year in different areas of the Region 8. Next regional congress is CEuSBC 2013!

Student and GOLD Congress 2012 – Madrid

We are pleased to announce you the 2012 edition of the Region 8 Student Branch & GOLD Congress. This year’s edition will be organized by the Student Branch of the Technical University of Madrid, in Madrid on 25-29 July 2012.

We would like to invite you to participate in this unique event where GOLDies from all over Region 8 will share their knowledge. The SBC is organized biannually, so don’t miss the chance to meet all the other active GOLD Affinity Groups and Student Branches of Europe, Middle East and Africa, to learn useful skills for your volunteers and get to talk about your activities, ideas and issues with the Region 8 GOLD Committee and with senior IEEE officers such as the IEEE President and the IEEE Region 8 Director!

The Region 8 GOLD Committee funds the registration fee for one representative per Region 8 GOLD Affinity Group in good standing. The funding covers a regular IEEE Student/GOLD Member registration fee, including meals and accommodation for the duration of the congress. It does not cover flights to and from the congress or local transportation, which your IEEE Section is expected to help with.

The funding criteria for R8 GOLD Support are:

  • Only 1 volunteer per GOLD Affinity Group is eligible for funding. Please make sure that only one request for funding is submitted for your Affinity Group.
  • This volunteer has to be active in the AG and has not yet attended a previous edition of the Region 8 Student Branch & GOLD Congress. The volunteer has to prove that he/she is an active volunteer (e.g. by specifying his/her volunteering position and/or which GOLD activities he/she has volunteered on in the AG).
  • The yearly reporting of your AG must be up-to-date, i.e. the 2011 activities report has already been submitted to the R8 GOLD Committee (at the latest by March 29, 2012). There is an exception for recently formed GOLD AGs: if you are a member of a recently formed GOLD AG and this AG did not have activities in 2011, you are also eligible for funding and you are encouraged to submit your funding form.

If you (the GOLD Chair) have already attended a previous edition of the SBC, please encourage another active volunteer of your AG to attend this year’s edition of the SBC. An additional email to announce the SBC will be sent out very soon to all GOLDies of Region 8.


The funding applications will close on April 30. Make sure an active volunteer of your AG has applied before this deadline.


More information on the funding criteria and the funding application can be found here:


In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the R8 GOLD Committee at

Future City 2012 – GOLD Egypt

The GOLD Egypt organized event – Future City 2012, which included 45 teams, 150 kids, 45 teacher, 45 Engineer, 60 volunteers, 25 judges…
Kids enjoyed the sense of Engineering the sense of innovation, the sense of competition and finally all of them felt that they are the winners.

Enjoy the below short video about the finals:

Be proud of your event and publish it!

Do not hesitate to send us a short summary of your event/pictures. We will publish it on the R8 GOLD website. It is important to increase the visibility among young professionals and happiness of well published work.

YP Subcommittee Activities

The main strategic directions for 2013, as established by Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) YP subcommittee, are:

  • MGA YP facilitate recruitment, training, development of IEEE volunteer leaders
  • YP / Technology professionals will understand IEEE membership’s importance to their careers

Our Region 8 YP Subcommittee focuses on its continuous involvement in increasing the YP visibility and continues to have a tremendous momentum on Region 8 activities.
We will:

  • Support and energize the YP Affinity Groups (AGs) in R8
  • Create new Affinity Groups and revive dormant ones
  • Launch the first official edition of the R8 GOLD Book
  • Continue with the Student Transition & Elevation Partnership (STEP) program
  • Promote and raise awareness of the Humanitarian workshop Program
  • Motivate more young professionals to join and be active in IEEE
  • Organize regular online meetings with YP Chairs in R8
  • Develop cross-activities with other committees in R8
  • Contribute to GOLDRush and R8News
  • Keep an updated website
  • Be present in social networks

Recent activities of our subcommittee

The IEEE R8 YP subcommittee 2013 has compiled a concise operation guide for the new YP Affinity Groups to start their IEEE and YP activities. It guides you on how to report new Affinity Group officers, activities reporting, publishing, YP awards & recognitions, recommendations and the R8 YP Team.

  • Cross-section Student and Young Professional Congresses (SYP)

The R8 YP Subcommittee is conducting YP introductory sessions in the crosss-section SBCs.  Successful YP sessions were conducted in the R8 SBC 2012 and ISBC 2013. In fact, many of the attendants of these SBCs are actually YP members as they’ve already graduated and are studying a higher grade. These YP introductory sessions also include the importance of becoming a YP member and why to stay in IEEE after graduation for IEEE student members.

The GOLD Book is a project launched in 2010 with the purpose of creating a legacy about the activities that have been organized by YP Affinity Groups (AG) around Region 8. Though compiled and edited during 2010, this book was never officially published during that year. For this reason, during 2011 the Region 8 YP subcommittee decided to extend the book’s content and span it from 2008 to 2010. The scope of the book is not only to present the activities of the AGs, but also to show their well-succeeded and failing experiences. Special focus was given to YP oriented programs, such as the Student Transition & Elevation Partnership (STEP) and the Humanitarian Workshop (HW).

It is the second time in history when all electrical engineers worldwide are going to celebrate the IEEE Day. As a leading organization IEEE defines standards and directions in technology but as a leader, it is also responsible for future generations of engineers. Thus, this year the theme of the IEEE Day will be focused on “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow”.

The IEEE Day Team is made of IEEE student volunteers, young professionals and staff to assure that this year celebration will be even bigger and more impressive than a year ago. The main task of the IEEE Day Team is to initiate, motivate and coordinate events and efforts to celebrate this day worldwide.

Based on the experience from last year, the organizers prepared a totally new website with new features and enhancements. Social networks – the blood stream of recent days has been filled with new IEEE Day content. A new T-shirt design will be published for all who want to actively participate.

Beside a great time and empowering members to shape the future, the team took care of supporting active volunteers and encouraging them to participate in second edition of the photo contest.

YP offers webinars for members on topics related to professional development, humanitarian efforts, and technical knowledge. YP webinars are scheduled monthly and are recorded for on-demand viewing.
IEEE YP Webinars Program website
To find more informations about latests webinars visit our Facebook page.