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TISP Week 2017 – Call for Participation


After the successful TISP Week event in 2016, where more than 750 teachers were trained in 16 IEEE Sections around IEEE Region 8, we are continuing the trend and organizing TISP Week 2017 this year.

Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) is a professional development workshop for school teachers to help them bring exciting hands-on activities to their classroom. More information about the program can be found here:

The TISP week is an ambitious program of Region 8 to conduct teacher training workshops in multiple Sections in the Region within a span of one or two weeks in November-December 2017.
This will showcase the incredible work being done by our education activities volunteers throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, train teachers to deliver Inquiry Based Science Education sessions and will also help train more volunteers in the local sections. This event will also help our local volunteers deliver a public service through training teachers.

We plan to conduct workshops in as many sections as possible in Region 8 and would like to invite your Section to organize a TISP workshop for school teachers during this TISP week.

The following rules will apply for organizing a workshop as part of the TISP week:

1. A minimum of 30 school teachers will be trained.
2. The event will a minimum of one or a maximum of two days long.
3. The event dates will fall within the TISP week dates.
4. As our funds are limited, we would like to request the local Section to partially fund the organization of the event. IEEE TISP Week 2017 can fund the lesson plan materials for the workshop and would be grateful if the Section can fund the rest of the local costs of venue, etc. The funding amount is up to USD 250 per workshop and it will be reimbursed after submitting the reimbursement form.
5. A member of the local organizing committee will participate in monthly TISP week organizing committee online calls.

We will help your local organizing committee plan an effective agenda for the workshop.

There are lots of information and TISP resources in our website, which I encourage you to visit.

Please let us know if your Section would like to participate in this incredible event. Kindly send your response by 15 September, 2017.

Please email me if you have any questions

Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Dragoumanos Stamatis

Chair, IEEE Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee


The IEEE Region 8 Educational Activities Subcommittee (EASC) is looking for volunteers on continuing education and career development

The IEEE Region 8 Educational Activities Subcommittee (EASC) is looking for two volunteers to support the organisation of continuing education activities. These positions offer a good opportunity for professionals, academics or students looking for networking opportunities with education experts, industry representatives and human resource managers. Selected candidates will have the chance to get first-hand expertise on the domain and to improve soft skills and competences.

The responsibilities of the volunteers include:
•       Organising and moderating webinars in English language;
•       Liaising with industry representatives and/or stakeholders of the job market;
•       Familiarising with the state of play on skills, competencies and tools in the context of continuing education on engineering;
•       Liaising with relevant print and social media;
•       Collaborating with other branches and volunteers of the EASC team

Each candidate must be:
•       an IEEE member;
•       fluent In spoken and written English;
•       have experience with social media;
Nice to have :
•       broad knowledge in the domain of continuing education;
•       negotiation or moderation skills;
•       experience on university-business cooperation initiatives
•       experience with webinar platforms such as WebEx;

The position demands an average of 2 working hours per week, with peak periods of work when an activity is organised.

To apply, please send a covering email indicating your IEEE membership number, motivation and description of your experience to Mr.EndikaBengoetxea, the IEEE Region 8 EASC Continuing Education Committee Chair, at:

Applycations Deadline: May 31 2017

IEEE R8 EAS meeting in Montecarlo, 2016 03

Meeting at the IEEE R8 meeting in Montecarlo of the Education Activities Subcommittee.

Agenda – Thursday 18th March 2016, 11:00 to 13:00

11:00 EAS presentation – Manuel Castro IEEE_EAS_Presentation_Montecarlo-EAS-2016-03.pdf

11:15 EAS University Activities presentation – Rui Costa IEEE_EAS_Presentation_UACTIVITES_RUICOSTA_FINAL.pdf

11:30 EAS Preuniversity Activities presentation – Sohaib Sheikh IEEE_EASC_Presentation_Monaco_Mar_2016.pdf

11:45 EAS Continuing Activities presentation – IMousmoutis (all) IEEE_EAS_Presentation_Montecarlo-EAS-CEA-2016-03.pdf

12:00 New activities, social media, … – Rui Costa

12:15 Pre-University summer school – Sohaib Sheikh IEEE_EASC_Presentation_Monaco_Mar_2016_Deep_Dive.ppt

12:30 New Education technology activities – MOOCs, … / Other topics and discussion – Manuel Castro

More information >>>

EAinsightFeb2016.pdf / EAB-2016-Orientation.pdf / EAB-2016-Orientation-Annex.pdf

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