Membership Development (MD)

Membership Development Sub-Committee:

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The MD Workshop Participants!

The Region8 MD Team recently organized an MD Workshop in Tunis, Tunisia on November 18-19 2016.

The Workshop was very well attended with over 35 participants from 20+ countries within the Region and the post event feedback suggested an extremely positive outcome. The participants were welcomed to the venue on Friday afternoon. That first session included basic Introduction and the host section presentation. Later the team was escorted to a short city tour followed by an exquisite dinner. The second day started with Region8 Introduction and how it fits in the overall global picture. The whole day was filled with focused presentations, interactive sessions and brainstorming sessions. Everyone participated to the fullest and managed to learn from each other. Towards the end, a comprehensive joint action plan was generated which all the MDO’s agreed to take it to their respective sections and implement according to their own needs and customized requirements.

At the end, it was an amazing and a successful event that will go long ways in ensuring enhanced membership with the region.

More of the similar workshops will be planned next year as well.