Technical Activities


The Vice Chair (VC) of IEEE Region 8 Technical Activities (TA) is responsible for coordinating Region 8 activities related to technical societies’ chapters, council chapters, conferences, educational activities (EA), standards and industry relations.

For more information – refer to the Region 8 Governing Documents.

  • The VC TA shall create an atmosphere conducive for fostering innovative ideas and new initiatives that support Region 8 goals and objectives in the abovementioned areas, paving the road for successful implementation.
  • The VC TA shall be elected by the Region 8 Committee from nominations provided by the Region 8 Nominations and Appointment Subcommittee. The term of his/her office shall be one year. After having served one term the VC shall be eligible to be re-elected for up to two additional one year terms.
  • The VC TA shall report to Region 8 on TA subcommittees & coordinators activities.
  • The VC TA shall work with the “wider IEEE” towards enabling the Region 8 vision. Download this figure: R8_TA_relations_higher_committees_v1.

The Region 8 Vice-Chair of Technical Activities for 2015/16 is Igor Kuzle. He can be contacted via e-mail:

Core Values:

The IEEE REGION 8 Technical Activities believes in:

  • Inclusiveness – Embracing diversity of Region 8 members and their careers. Respecting each other’s values with honesty and transparency.
  • Networking – Creating an engaged, interactive community of technical professionals from both industry and academic sectors
  • Professionalism – Maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards.
  • Technical Excellence – Disseminating high quality scientific and technical information in a timely, equitable and objective manner.
  • Volunteerism – The driving force of Region 8 Technical Activities

Goals of IEEE REGION 8 Operating Committee (OpCom):

Following are the proposed 2011 IEEE REGION 8 OpCom Goals:

  • Build a friendly atmosphere within the Region
  • Increase the number of young engineering members from the industry
  • Encourage chapters and student branches to enhance their activity
  • Continue the implementation of best practices

Long Term Goals of REGION 8 Technical Activities:

  • Industry and Practitioners – Industry professionals and their employers will value IEEE Region 8 TA as major resource to achieve success
  • Information and Knowledge Development – Knowledge generators will regard IEEE Region 8 TA as the organization of choice to promote innovative technical communities
  • Education – Region 8 TA will improve professional competencies by providing targeted education and support for students and professionals
  • Community Collaboration – IEEE Region 8 TA will foster a dynamic ecosystem where technical communities preserve their individuality but at the same time collaborate in an open environment where the total value is greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Organization and Structure – IEEE Region 8 TA will be a best of class model organization allowing balance between consistency and autonomy

IEEE REGION 8 Technical Activities Organogram:

[singlepic id=17 w=650 float=center]

IEEE REGION 8 Technical Activities Subcommittees & Coordinators:


1. Chapter Coordination Subcommittee [ChCSC]

  • Nazih Khaddaj Mallat (United Arab Emirates) – Chair
  • Society/Council liaisons (List of 2014)
  • Alexandros Osana (Greece) – Student Chapter Coordinator
  • Ugurcan Sengit (Turkey), corresponding member
  • Maria Trocan (France), corresponding member

2. Conference Coordination Subcommittee [CoCSC]

  • Adel Alimi (Tunisia) – Chair
  • Jan Haase (Germany), past chair
  • Peter Nagy (Hungary)

3. Educational Activities Subcommittee [EASC]

  • Manuel Castro (Spain) – Chair
  • Rui Costa (Portugal)
  • Sohaib Qamer Sheikh (UK & RI)
  • Oscar M. Bonastre (Spain)

4. Action for Industry Team

  • Nihal Sinnadurai (UK & Ireland) – Chair
  • Mohamed Amin (Egypt)
  • John Matogo (Kenya)
  • Toni Mattila (Finland)
  • Robert Plana (France)

5. Standards Coordinator [SA]

  • David Law (UKRI)

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